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Brown Phillips Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Raleigh, NC. 'Independent insurance agency'...What exactly does that mean? And more importantly, how does that offer a benefit to you?

Essentially there are 2 main types of insurance agents: captive agents and independent agents.

A captive agent represents only one insurance company, and is considered more like an employee of the one company, with one set of insurance products to offer.

If you have insurance with a captive agent now or have in the past, it may have worked out well for you based on your circumstances at the time.

However, it is a fact of life that life & circumstances are always changing. A once perfect driving record becomes less so. You buy a new car, you marry, you buy a home.

Your children begin driving, you need business insurance...All of these things, and many, many others cause your insurance premiums to change.

If you are insured by a captive agent, the policy that once suited your needs isn't so great any more. Or worse, the company decides to cancel your coverage because you do not suit their needs any more! Well, guess what? The captive agent has only their one company, one set of products to offer you.

That's how we are different.

Brown-Phillips Insurance is an independent insurance agency. We do not owe our loyalties exclusively to one insurance company. As independent agents, Brown-Phillips Insurance represents several different leading insurance carriers...that means our focus & loyalties are to our customers. What a difference! So as your insurance needs grow and change, so does our ability to offer you the best coverage at a great price.

We offer coverage with only first class highly rated carriers that you can trust. Best of all, even if your insurance company changes, you are still with the same local agent, Brown Phillips Insurance.

Are you interested in having a friendly, professional Brown Phillips Insurance representative review your insurance needs?

Are you interested in having a qualified insurance professional shop your insurance rates, so you don't have to? An agent that can always offer solutions for your changing circumstances?

Then let's get started!

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