Consent to Rate Form

What is a consent to rate form and why do I have to sign it? This may be a question that you are asking yourself.

Have you received a consent to rate document from your insurance company in North Carolina?

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North Carolina has a Rate Bureau that sets the rates for all the insurance companies in North Carolina for auto and property.

The Rate Bureau sets a “suggested” rate for physical damage coverage (your other than collision and collision coverage). This suggested rate is similar to a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

If the insurance company charges a rate that is higher or lower than that “suggested” rate, a document called a consent to rate must be signed by the insured and retained by the insurance company.

Signing the consent to rate does not change or alter the current premium that you are paying, or alter coverage in any way.

In order to charge someone a rate different than the North Carolina Rate Bureau rates, a consent MUST be signed by the insured.

The form is sometimes called a CTR form for short.

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