Non Owners Insurance

Non Owners Insurance is required by the state of NC to obtain your license, whether you have a vehicle or not. Get your DL123 form by obtaining a quote today.

We can issue your policy and DL123 form the same day over the phone.

Never been licensed? We can start your policy for as little as $175 down. Give us a call and we can get your DL-123 sent instantly by email or text.

Call 919-874-0405 or complete the form below:

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Non owners covers your liability to others in case you are involved in an accident and are at fault.

The minimum limit that North Carolina requires is $30,000 per person, $60,000 per accident, with $25,000 for property damage, for short 30/60/25. You can carry higher limits, but are only required to carry the state minimum.

We recommend that you carry as high of limits as you can afford.

The maximum limits are $250/500/100 and an umbrella of 1 -2 million can be added.

If you live with your parents, you do not qualify for non-owners insurance. You will need to have your parents get a quote and add you as a driver.

Rates are much lower when you are combined on your parents policy versus trying to get your own policy.

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