Speeding Ticket and Insurance

Speeding ticket and insurance, a common question we get is: will a speeding ticket impact my insurance premium? 

The answer: it depends. It depends on your current driving history over the last 36 months and the speed in which you were traveling.

Any ticket over 76 miles per hour is bad news. Start saving your pennies, because this is a ‘major’ violation. Not only will you have 4 insurance points, you will also likely be placed in a less favorable pricing tier. Double bad news.

Any ticket going 10 miles or less over the speed limit, may be okay. If you have no other strikes on your insurance record for a 36 month period, you are allowed one waived speeding ticket of this caliber.

HOWEVER, just because you will not have any points, does not mean that your rate will stay the same. Adding one ticket can sometimes change your pricing tier to a lower one, causing a rate increase.

Getting a prayer for judgment (PJC) is similar to the waived ticket. So, if you have a ticket going 10 miles or less over the speed limit, the smart play is saving your PJC for a rainy (speedy?) day.

For insurance, you can only have one PJC per three year period for the insurance points to be waived. If you have more than one, all the insurance points will count against you.

You can go to court yourself or get an attorney to help you get your ticket reduced to 10 mile or less over the speeding limit or ask for a prayer for judgment.

Keep in mind that it is still up to the judge as how he/she will handle your case.

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys. This is not legal advice. Driving points with the DMV are an entirely separate animal than insurance “SDIP” points.

Click here for a list of insurance points by violation

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