Insurance Company Contact List

Below is a list of the Insurance Company Contact List:

If you need to make a payment or file a claim on your policy, please call your insurance company or click on the online link.

Company contact information:

Bankers Insurance
Claims: 800-765-9700
Payments: 1-800-627-0000 extension 4703
Payment address: PO Box 33002, St. Petersburg, FL 33733-8060
Online Payments
Online Claims

Foremost Insurance
Customer service/claims: 1-800-532-4221
Payment address: PO Box 0915 Carol Stream, IL 60132-0915
Online Payments
Online Claims

National General Insurance (formerly GMAC Insurance)
Customer service/claims: 1-800-468-3466
Credit/debit card payment: 1-877-468-3466
Payment address: PO Box 89431 Cleveland, OH 44101-6431
Online Payments
Online Claims

GeoVera Specialty
Customer service/claims: 1-800-631-6478
Payments (M-F 8:30am to 5pm): 1-866-417-4855
Payment address: PO Box 21160 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335
Online Payments

Hagerty Insurance
Customer service/claims: 1-800-747-5348
Payment address: PO Box 87 Traverse City, MI 49685-0087

JIBNA Jewelry Insurance
Customer service/claims: 1-877-542-6254

Kemper Insurance
Customer Service/Payments: 1-866-675-3345
Claims: 1-888-252-2799
Payment address: PO Box 650876 Dallas, TX  75265-0876              Overnight: 8360 LBJ Freeway Ste. 400 Dallas, TX 75243
Online Payments
Online Claims

Lighthouse Insurance
Claims: 1-877-852-0606
Customer service/Payments: 1-888-544-4885
Payments: 1-800-771-8557
Payment address: PO Box 15666 Worcester, MA 01615 

Overnight: c/o Covenir, Ste 5, 370 Main St Worcester, MA 01608

Lititz Mutual Insurance
Claims: 1-855-725-5642
Customer Service/Payments: 1-800-626-4751
Payment address: PO Box 1700, Lititz, PA 17543
Overnight address: 2 North Broad, Lititz, PA 17543
Online Payments
Online Claims

MetLife Insurance
Claims: 1-800-854-6011
Customer Service: 1-800-255-0332
Payment address: 
Overnight address:
Online Payments 
Online Claims 

National Flood Service
Customer Service/Payments: 1-866-675-3345
Claims: 1-800-759-8656
Payment address: PO Box 2057 Kalispell, MT 59903-20571

Customer Service/Claims: Contact our agency at 919-874-0405
Payment address: PO Box 8009 Cary, NC 27512
Online Payments

Customer service/claims: 1-800-888-7764
Payments: 1-800-876-5581
Payment address: PO Box 586 Carol Stream, IL 60132-0586
Online Payments
Online Claims

Safeco Insurance
Customer service/claims: 1-800-332-3226
Payments: 1-888-723-3260
Payment address: PO Box 91016 Chicago, IL 60680
Online Payments
Online Claims 

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company
Customer service/claims: 1-800-425-9113
Payments: 1-800-425-9113
Payment address: PO Box 88763 Chicago, IL 60680-1763 and overnight address 1110 W. Commercial Blvd Ste 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Online Payments 
Online Claims 

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