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The home insurance policy offers many home policy endorsement to suit the needs of each insured. The home insurance policy is meant to cover the basic needs of all clients, by adding these endorsements it can provide the protection that each individual may need.

This is merely a summary of the homeowners policy endorsement and is not a complete list. Please consult with your agent for others.

Additional Limits of Liability Cov A,B,C,D (HO 32 11)

Provides additional Coverage A (dwelling) when a covered loss occurs and the cost to rebuild the dwelling exceeds the limit of liability. Then and only then, are coverages B, C and D increased by the same percentage.

Average premium $41.

Earthquake (HO 04 54)

Covers against a direct physical loss caused by an earthquake or earth movement. It is subject to a separate deductible.

Average premium $195.

Extended Replacement Cost on Dwelling (HO 32 20)

Also called Specified Additional Amount of Insurance for Coverage A.

This endorsement can be used to increase Coverage A (dwelling) by 25% in the event of a total loss and additional coverage is needed to rebuild the home.

Average premium $14.

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Home Business Endorsement (HO 32 90)

The standard policy has a limit of $2,500 for business property and legal liability for the business is specifically excluded.

This endorsement increases those limits and gives some liability protection. Professional liability is not included.

Average premium varies based on business type.

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

This endorsement covers up to $25,000 for expenses incurred by the insured as a direct result from identity theft.

Average premium $25.

Loss Assessment Coverage (HO 04 36)

Specially designed for condominium owners, this coverage provides protection for assessments made by a condominium association resulting from loss to the property caused by an insured peril.

Limits up to $25,000.

Average premium $8.

Personal Injury (HO 32 82)

This endorsement extends the limit of liability on your policy to cover you against libel, slander, and invasion of privacy.

Average premium $16.

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Personal Property Replacement Cost (HO 04 90)

This endorsement protects you from receiving a depreciated value or actual cash value for your personal property. Instead, contents will be replaced with new items of like kind and quality.

You are normally paid the actual cash value (acv) until you replace the item.

Average premium $38 for this home policy endorsement.

Refrigerated Property Coverage (HO 04 98)

Up to $500 for property in a refrigerator or freezer for direct loss caused by power failure or breakdown.

A $100 deductible applies.

Average premium $10.

Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement (HO 04 60)

For an additional premium, open perils coverage for items such as jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, fine arts, and golfer's equipment.

Not subject to a deductible, these items would be covered for the appraised value.

Average premium varies based on the value of the item.

Special Computer Coverage (HO 32 37)

For an additional premium, this would broaden the coverage for your computer due to direct physical loss.

Average premium $15.

Water Back up and Sump Overflow (HO 04 84)

Limits up to $25,000 can be purchased for direct physical loss due to water backing up through sewers or drains and water which overflows from a sump.

Average premium for $25,000 limit is $40 for this home policy endorsement.

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