Short Rate Calculator

Short Rate: Use the form below to calculate short rate. The short rate calculator can also be used to determine pro rata cancellation as well as short rate cancellation.

Input your information into the form to determine your earned premium based on short rate cancellation.

Short Rate Calculation Information:

Earned premium is the amount you will owe the insurance company when you cancel your policy.

Don't forget to include fees into this total to get the final amount owed to the insurance company.

If you cancel your policy mid-term, you will owe the short rate calculation amount determined by the short rate calculator.

If your policy cancels for non-payment, you will owe the pro rata calculation amount determined by the calculator.

Read more about short rate cancellation here

Input information below:

Date of Cancellation: // Month/Day/Year (Ex: 7/07/2007)
Term in Months:
Effective Date: // Month/Day/Year (Ex: 7/07/2007)
Expiration Date: // Month/Day/Year (Ex: 7/07/2007)
Days in Effect:
Remaining Days:
Factor Method:
Earned Factor:

Unearned Factor:
Premium: Don Not Use Commas In Premium
Earned Premium Does Not Include Fees
Most Companies Will Charge A
$15 Application Fee and $3 Per Installment Fee
Earned Premium:
Return Premium:

Brown-Phillips Insurance offers the short rate calculator as an informational tool only and makes no guarantees regarding its accuracy. Your insurance company is responsible for the final amount due on your policy.

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