Brown-Phillips Insurance and Ashlee saved my car and my credit.

by Jeffrey
(Charlotte, NC)

A little policeman in a little town in the mountains of NC wore out his ink pen giving me tickets for driving while Latino. I fought it the best I could, but I never had a chance.

My insurance with the G company that has the little green lizard in their commercials went from $600.00 a year to $4000.00 a year.

I couldn’t sell my car, I couldn’t keep it without insurance, and I couldn’t pay the insurance. I was so desperate that I went to the bank to ask them how to turn it in.

Then I found Ashlee at Brown-Phillips. She got me all the answers I needed almost immediately. She gave me coverage with a national company for about a third of what the G company demanded. When the G company wanted almost $200.00 to cancel my coverage, Ashlee helped me stop them from doing that as well.

I came to Ashlee in desperation. She saved my car and my credit. I will stay because of terrific service and amazing prices.

Thanks Ashlee and thanks to Brown-Phillips for helping me in an impossible situation.

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