Home Insurance Non Renewed?

Is your home insurance non renewed by your current company? Has your company canceled or non-renewed your home insurance because you do not have auto insurance with them? Or worse, shifting you off to some other company without your permission at much higher rates?

Is any of this happening to you? Even though you have been insured with your current company for years with no claims, they are non-renewing your home insurance. I am sure this is very upsetting and just does not seem fair.

The truth is, the North Carolina Department of Insurance allows the insurance companies to do this. But, YOU DO NOT have to allow this to happen to you.

Brown-Phillips Insurance would love to have your home insurance business. And auto insurance too, if you would allow us. Not because we say so, but because you say so.

We are a locally based North Carolina independent insurance agency with over 20 years experience, and we can help! You can read all about our family owned business on our about us page.

You can also read what our other clients have to say about us and our service on our testimonials page.

Brown-Phillips Insurance offers great home owner’s insurance coverage from many A rated insurance carriers. Great rates are available if we write your auto insurance OR if we do not.

Check us out today for a fast, free, professional quote! Just click on the link below to enter your information and have an agent follow up with you shortly with your home insurance quote.

Don’t risk letting your coverage lapse by having your home insurance non-renewed. Get a quote today!

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